Suspicious Package in the Science Complex

The Science Complex was evacuated late Saturday afternoon while police investigated a suspicious package that was found outside the building by a U of G employee. The package was eventually destroyed by the explosives disposal unit from the Waterloo Regional Police; the investigation is continuing.

The university employee contacted Campus Police after finding the package near the building’s loading dock. Campus police called the Guelph Police Service. It was later determined that the explosive’s unit was required.

Homecoming 2012


Guelph preparing for Homecoming - University, Police and City plan for safe celebrations during the Homecoming Weekend

GUELPH, ON, September 20, 2012 – As University of Guelph alumni returns to the city to reunite with former classmates and cheer on the Gryphon’s football team this weekend, the university, Campus Community Police, Guelph Police Service and the City Guelph are preparing or this year’s homecoming celebrations.

Safety Bulletin

Knapsack Thefts - McNaughton Bookstore

Please do not leave your knapsacks outside on the ground by the main doors, use the FREE bag check located just outside the main doors.


If you have any information regarding the
above bulletin please contact the Campus
Community Police at
824-4120 ext.52245
or Crimestoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS

Don't make it easy for bicycle thieves

Now that school is back we see our bicycle racks are full. The University has more than 2,000 on campus parking stalls for bicycles. Most cyclists who lock their bike on campus are very proactive and lock their bicycles to racks. However, many do not realize that the lock they are using could be easily cut. Cable or chain locks are not as effective as they look.  Many of these locks can be cut easily with bolt cutters or tin snips. Most bicycle thieves carry these tools which can cut through cable or chains very easily and quietly.

So you are all moved what?

You are all moved into your residence room, you have all your stuff just the way you like it, life is good.  What should you do next? One important task is to take pictures of all your belongings.  Your bike, hockey equipment, instruments, PS3, electronics, iPhones, laptops.  You should have a picture of the item and then another picture of the serial number.  We do experience thefts inside residences.  Keep those images somewhere (USB stick or burn them to disk) just in case you need to make a police report

New Social Media Campaign

The University of Guelph Police are welcoming the fall 2012 semester with a brand new Social Media Campaign.  The University of Guelph Police are dedicated to our community and being accessible through social media is very important to us by communicating more effectively.  By creating a newly designed website, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, the Campus Police are able to answer questions, pass along safety tips and even host live events like “Trick or Tweet” where the campus police tweet all calls for service during Halloween night.

New Officers

Our Service has grown to 14 officers thanks to the hiring of two new officers.  Chris McCormick and Shyanne McGregor were recently added to our staff.  Welcome folks!

New Uniforms

Out with the old, in with the new.  You may notice that campus police are looking a bit different.  A significant uniform change occurred for our officers this year.  New shirts are a darker blue and are made with more comfortable fabrics.  Pants are also lighter and are made of tougher material that can handle the day to day work of an officer.  Shoulder flashes were also changed last year, the new flash has a very distinguishable and modern shape and uses the University of Guelph Crest.  Also added in the design was the word “community” which is o

Safety Bulletin

Indecent Exposure, July 10 and July 12, 2012 at Arboretum

On Tuesday July 10, 2012 at approx. 10:45 am and Thursday July 12, 2012 at approx. 4:40 p.m., a male was seen walking naked in the Arboretum. The suspect is described as male, white, between 40-50 years old, 175-183 cm tall (5'9"-6'), 86 kg (190 lbs) with short brown hair. In one incident, he also was wearing glasses and a ball cap.

If you have any information about these incidents, please contact the Campus Community Police at extension 52245 or Crimestoppers at 1-800-222-Tips.

Bicycle Safety Tips for Summer

The Guelph Police Service would like to remind everyone that bicycles are legally considered "vehicles" on Ontario’s roadways. That
means bicyclists must obey the rules of the road like drivers of any other vehicle and must be treated as equal users by all other vehicles.
The best way to avoid accidents is to be prepared and be aware of other vehicles around you.
Avoid common bicyclist errors and common motorist errors, committed around bicyclists.

Here are some safety tips for biking:

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