Campus Police Looking for Missing Snake

Posted on Friday, February 10th, 2017

Campus Community Police are searching for a small ball python snake believed to be loose in the University Centre.

The snake was reported missing today from the University Centre’s second floor. It was brought to campus in a student’s backpack.

Campus Community Police and pest control specialists from Physical Resources are searching the building.

The four-year-old snake is brown and black and about two feet long.

“People have nothing to fear from a small ball python,” said Hugues Beaufrère, chief of the Avian and Exotic Medicine Service at the Ontario Veterinary College (OVC).

The snakes are not dangerous or venomous, he said. “It is likely scared and trying to hide, looking for some place warm.”

Beaufrère was contacted by the University to provide expert opinion; the missing snake was not a patient at OVC and the snake’s owner is not an OVC student.

Ball pythons may bite, so people should not pick up the snake. Anyone who sees the snake, or who has any information, is encouraged to contact Campus Community Police at Ext. 52245.

People are reminded that pets are not allowed in campus buildings; service dogs are permitted.

courtesty of UofG

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