TRAFFIC ADVISORY - Aug 29 and 30

Posted on Tuesday, August 26th, 2014

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 Chuck Cunningham, Assistant Vice-President (Communications & Public Affairs) - Fall semester is days away and the University is gearing up for the move-in of our new students. As you can imagine, moving in over 4,000 new undergraduate students is a challenge, and requires the support of the full community.

On Friday August 29, a significant number of our students will move-in early. This is likely to cause congestion along the ring roads, and increased use of the parking lots, particularly those adjacent to residence halls (P 9, 11, 15, 16, 20, 21,  44, 51). Past experience suggests that the congestion builds later in the day so you may experience higher than normal traffic as you leave campus especially on the roads and parking lots close to our residence buildings.

Saturday, August  30th is Move-in Day and the kick-off of Orientation Week. One of our top priorities on this date is to efficiently welcome thousands of new students and their families while keeping major city streets surrounding the campus clear of traffic back-ups. This is a matter of safety for emergency response personnel as well as a concern about impact on residents of the city. Here are some important notes:

* Move-in runs from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Saturday, August 30th.

* In order to efficiently manage traffic in and around the campus, Gordon Street will be closed during move-in from Stone Road to College Avenue.

* Please expect heavier than normal traffic on Stone Road, College Avenue, University Avenue, Smith Lane and Victoria Road.

* The following University-owned roads will be impassible - please regard them as closed with the exception of move-in related traffic: McGilvray Road, South Ring Road, East Ring Road and Dundas Lane.

* Buses will not travel onto the campus during move-in in order to help avoid congestion.

* If you have a vehicle on campus, please ensure that it is not located in any of the following parking lots during move-in: P31 (University's Main Entrance), P8,  P9, P11 (flanking Mountain, Prairie and Maritime Halls), P19 (north side of College Ave), P21 (Lambton Hall), P44 (Johnston Hall), P20 (Lennox-Addington), P16 and P18 (Dundas Lane) or P26 (Dairy Barn/Guelph Food Technology Centre).

* In addition, please avoid parking on East Ring Road or McGilvray Street.

Unless you are required to be on campus for official business, we are asking for your assistance by staying away from the University during this period of time. If you need to come to campus, please consider walking or riding a bike. Cyclists and pedestrians traveling on Gordon Street are strongly advised to exercise caution at major intersections, especially South Ring Road and College Avenue.

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