Officers receive Guelph Police Community Partnership Awards

Posted on Friday, May 30th, 2014

officers receiving awards

On Wednesday May 21, 2014 S/Cst Deschamps and S/Cst Kohlmeier both recieved Community Partnership Awards during the Guelph Police Services awards at the Hanlon Convention Centre

Both officers recieved awards during a call for service where S/Cst Deschamps and S/Cst Kohlmeier attended an incident whereby an individual barricade himself inside a room and set fire to it while he was inside.  Both officers attended the smoke filled suite and attempted to breach the door where the male was but were unable. A fire hose was used to put the fire out through a small opening which deemed the incident to be life saving.  

Other emergency personnel arrived and were able to eventually breach the door, saving the occupant.

Pictured are Sgt Dennis Watson, S/Cst Mario Deschamps, S/Sgt Tom Gill  S/Cst Bryce Kohlmeier was unable to attend the ceremony

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