So you are all moved what?

Posted on Saturday, September 1st, 2012

You are all moved into your residence room, you have all your stuff just the way you like it, life is good.  What should you do next? One important task is to take pictures of all your belongings.  Your bike, hockey equipment, instruments, PS3, electronics, iPhones, laptops.  You should have a picture of the item and then another picture of the serial number.  We do experience thefts inside residences.  Keep those images somewhere (USB stick or burn them to disk) just in case you need to make a police report

Get in the habit of securing your residence door, even if you are just slipping out to the washroom or to a friend's room.  If you choose not to close your door that leaves your room wide open to theft.  We do have an anti-theft program called STOP which places a serial numbered tag on your computer which is a deterrent to a thief. Don't be a victim of theft, protect and prepare yourself.



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